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March 21, 2023
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Youth Challenged To Embrace Agri-Business

Unemployed youth in Kericho County have been urged to start embracing agri-business as a viable source of livelihood and a solution to the current unemployment crisis in the country.

The Western Region Head of Wildlife Clubs of Kenya Mr Emmanuel Situma speaking to KNA noted with concern that Kenyan youth had neglected the agricultural sector, yet it presented a huge opportunity for employment creation to absorb majority of them and improve on their livelihoods, thus contributing greatly to the country’s GDP.

Wildlife Clubs of Kenya Project Officer Victor Okungu distributing reading materials during training session of teachers on various issues including importance of trees, agroforestry and youth engagement in food production. Photo by Kibe Mburu

Situma encouraged the youth to have a positive attitude towards agriculture and be proactive in seeking for opportunities to acquire the right skills and knowledge on how to practice modern agriculture so that it becomes profitable for them.

“Agriculture is also an opportunity for the youth to be employed and be self-employed as well. So they need to change their attitude. The Wildlife Clubs of Kenya is doing all it can to provide training to the youth countrywide so that they can change their attitude and start to embrace agriculture,” said Situma.

The head of Wildlife Clubs of Kenya further stated that in Kericho County, his office had conducted five trainings this year on sustainable agriculture and the importance of value addition.

He said the trainings do not only target the youth but also school club patrons, where inspirational talks are conducted by youthful people in agribusiness who have succeeded in a particular field.

Situma was addressing KNA on the sidelines of a training targeting 15 primary and high school teachers who are patrons of the Kenya Wildlife Clubs. The training was meant to empower the patrons on sustainable agriculture for children and youth empowerment.

On his part, Wildlife Clubs of Kenya Project Officer Victor Okungu said as the world celebrates international youth day on the 12th August 2021, his office is trying its level best to reach to as many youths as possible influencing their perception and attitude towards production of food, which he says is a positive contribution they can make for the growing population in Kenya.

“Production of food can give the Kenyan youth employment and give them hope for a better future. We urge the youth to also use the internet well in broadening their knowledge on how they can get engaged in food production,” said Okungu.

The project officer called on the Kenyan youth to cease from viewing agriculture as a dirty venture instead view it as a value chain that has several sectors that they can be involved in and add value as well to what they are producing.

The training of teachers who are patrons of Wildlife Clubs at their respective schools was conducted at a hotel in Kericho where they were enlightened on various issues including importance of Agroforestry to ensure protection of natural environment so that it continues to provide resources and environmental services to meet the needs of the present generations and those to come.

The trainers in the seminar also engaged the teachers in brainstorming the importance of trees which includes bringing water and nutrients from deep in the ground, building soil organic matter, creating the regulating micro climates among others. They were therefore urged to continue teaching students the importance of planting more trees in their schools and homes.

According to the United Nations department of Economic, Social affairs and Youth, the International Youth day celebrated worldwide on the 12th August aims at highlighting that the success of such a global effort will not be achieved without the meaningful participation of young people.

This year’s theme for the International Youth day is Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health.

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