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June 1, 2023

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Agrifood Magazine

Agrifood Kenya is an online and print bulletin which aims at promoting the government agenda of providing food security for all the Kenyan people. The magazine aims at fully addressing issues relating to the agricultural and food production, distribution and retail sectors in the country. It is targeted to be read by the entire agri-fraternity including CEO’s, Managing Directors, high and mid-level managers among other key decision makers in all economic sectors. It is a reference point for purchasing and procurement departments in both private and public institutions. This most sought-after publication is estimated to be read by several millions of people both on print and online platforms.


Circulation is by direct mailing in bulk, subscription as well as major supermarkets and street news vendors. It is also distributed intensively during major business expos and trade fairs in the region. Copies are also available in the Ministry of Agriculture and county government offices, agricultural and food production offices as well as rooms of leading hotels and onboard selected airlines. Agrifood Kenya is also available online at www.agrifoodkenya.com where you can flip through a virtual copy, view displayed sliding adverts and click to visit any advertiser’s websites.

  • Every 5 months

Agrifood Directory

Besides Agrifood Kenya magazine, we also publish Agrifood Kenya Directory. This comprehensive handbook will be released annually. It will also be available online at www.agrifoodkenya.com/directory and will list everything from farm to fork in terms of food products, farming trends through processing to wholesale and retail market.

Agrifood East Africa Expo

The hallmark of Agrifood Kenya is in hosting the Agrifood Expo & Conference  which will be done annually. The expo aims at supporting the government agenda of providing food security for all. . It will therefore showcase the initiatives by the government agencies and private sector in helping the authorities achieve this noble goal. More info and available online also at www.agrifoodkenya.com/expo

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